The imagination renders the colourful world of marijuana dispensaries in astonishing detail. This crosses over not only to the products themselves but everything from the store layout to the packaging of the actual substance. Although still considered illegal by Federal law, marijuana and its distant cousin, medical marijuana is exerting their creative influence in all aspects of modern American society. This has spawned a tsunami of new businesses setting up shop in 15 states across the United States. Although they are not supposed to be treated as businesses according to law, nothing is stopping these from acting as such. They get business licenses, they rent commercial space in the middle of any city or town, their employees have uniforms and every aspect of their operations is colored by this.Look at this website

This creativity has brought forth store themes that seems to elicit more favour to the recreational medical marijuana “patient” rather than the grim and chronically tortured patient with a real debilitating disease. Interpretation is subjective and who gets to decide who really deserves to get treatment has not been altogether clear on the minds of everyone including the legal framework which opened the gates for it. Now, many cities in California are torn amongst themselves as to how to control the rapid onslaught of marijuana dispensaries in the state. Unlike pharmacies and hospitals, there is no code of conduct and no code of ethics that guide the operation of these businesses. Every transaction is a moral question that’s often ignored for expediency. The trend seems to point in the same direction as illegal immigration and many are even asking if this is the way to America’s doom. Much remains to be seen and the future is still up for grabs to those brave enough to pursue their vision of it. Time will only tell, what would happen in the future.